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Gain insight and learn the practical application of quantitative finance.

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Written and video tutorials, plus weekly newsletters explaining complex topics.

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Guided online courses on complex quantitative topics for practitioners.

Be in Demand with Our Practical Approach

We understand that learning quantitative finance can be difficult, so through education, this website aims to teach complex topics in a practical manner. We make tutorials that are presented in QuantPy YouTube videos freely available, and we encourage members to actively participate in asking/answering questions either on YouTube or through our discord community available through Patreon.

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Learn to be a Quantitative Analyst

QuantPy offers a wide range of resources and tools to assist in your financial education.

Our aim is to provide the quality and comprehensive education that current quantitative finance University level programs offer, without the high price point.

Whether you prefer written or video tutorials, weekly emails explaining complex concepts, or perhaps you prefer to learn in a more stuctured course format with topics ranging in complexity from beginner to advanced – we have you covered.

Join our Quant Finance Community

Our discord community is a great way to learn complex quantitative finance topics in a simple and easy to understand way. We aim to cover popular concepts that are important to the quant field in a useful and engaging way. You can also engage with other members of the community and work on projects together.

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  • General Discussion

    Unfortunately, due to the large number of emails we receive, it is unlikely we are unable to respond to all emails regarding general discussion or specific questions or issues.

  • Need Help?

    Instead, if you need help or would like advice on how to begin the journey towards learning quantitative finance, we recommend joining the Patreon and/or YouTube Community and asking active members advice and recommendations for quantitative finance projects.

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