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Jonathon Emerick

QuantPy Founder | UQ BE (Chemical) | UQ MFinMath

Jonathon is an Energy Trader with experience in quantitative risk analysis and valuation. He has an evolving YouTube channel related to quantitative finance and is enthusiastic about uniquely blending Mathematical Finance and Research Operations to drive software-led innovations in trading.

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About QuantPy

So many people, books, YouTube channels, and even universities out there only explain financial concepts, but don't show how to implement these concepts in a meaningful and practical way. My name is Jonathon Emerick and despite studying a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and a Master in Financial Mathematics I felt that I hadn't learned how to address real world problems or gain the skills required for success in the financial industry.

I started the QuantPy YouTube channel to document my journey in the hope it may help others along the way. On the channel I follow my interests in quantitative finance and explore topics in financial mathematics and computational finance. In my opinion, this journey towards "being a Quant" is a lifelong endeavour of research and curiosity, and not something that can be achieved at the end of a university degree.

QuantPy aims to educate people how to implement financial concepts with Python, because I believe the best way to learn is to Build Something!

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Join a small niche community of like-minded quants, where we ask questions and complex solve problems in quantitative finance.

Jonathon Emerick

QuantPy Founder

Learn how to use Python for quantitative finance 

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Join a small niche community of like-minded quants.

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